Senator Martins 'Deeply Touched' By St. Brigid Our Lady of Hope School

Jack M. Martins

May 17, 2012

During a visit to St. Brigid Our Lady of Hope School in Westbury for "Pizza and Politics," the students had a special assembly in honor of Senator Martins. Principal Paul Clagnaz made the Senator an honorary graduate of the school. Some of the students then sang a stirring rendition of Proud to Be an American. Some of the members of the student council then performed a sketch in which Senator Martins was being interviewed by the press. Jamie played Senator Martins. During the assembly, the school also received a visit from a special guest, Village of Westbury Deputy Mayor Joan Boes.

“I was delighted to have discussed important issues with the members of the student council over lunch. Then, I was blown away by the assembly. These young students have an obvious pride for their school and respect for each other and that’s a tribute to them, their parents and the staff. I was deeply touched to be made an honorary graduate and proud to represent these students in the State Senate,” said Senator Martins.