Senator Martins Discusses College Choices With Sewanhaka PTSA Reps

Jack M. Martins

December 11, 2012

State Senator Jack Martins discussed college choices with parents at the annual Sewanhaka Central High Council of PTSA's holiday party this past Friday. Sewanhaka delegate Belinda Amell and Past SCC Council President Jill Bamberger sat with with Senator Martins where they discussed college financial aid issues, grants and college educational programs. "Listening to parents who are on the front lines of going through the college maze of financial aid, choices and programs gives me great perspective as State Senator. We are constantly looking at ways in the Senate to help parents, our young people and non-traditional students who are working harder than ever to pay the tuition and get the program choices in colleges. Hearing their personal experiences give me a unique insight on this ongoing issue," said Senator Martins.