Senator Martins Visits Eden II Genesis School for Individuals with Autism

Jack M. Martins

May 23, 2011

Senator Jack M. Martins recently visited the Eden II Genesis  School in Plainview for individuals with Autism. The Eden II Genesis program has been a leader in the intervention and education of invididuals with Autism for over 30 years. The satellite school in Plainview opened in September 1995.

The school offers speach therapy and adaptive physical education per IEP mandates. As children age of the education system, they enter the Adult Day Hab program, which focuses on community integration, increasing independence and activities of daily living, socialization and developing and enhancing skill acquisition at various job sites.

The statistics of Autism show there is a segment of the population that is in need of services. Approximately 1 in 110 children are diagnosed with Autism. Senator Martins wanted to make sure he listened to the concerns and thoughts of the school's representatives so that he can provide support where it is needed.