Track Your Income Tax Refund Status

April 21, 2016

     If your tax returns indicate that you are entitled to a state and/or federal income tax refund, you can utilize the Internet to find out when your refund is scheduled to be sent.

     Both the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allow taxpayers to track the status of tax refunds online through their respective websites. Both systems are updated daily to reflect new information as tax returns are processed. There is no fee to utilize these services.

     When utilizing these services, be sure to have a copy of your income tax returns on-hand, as you will be required to enter information such as your social security number, the exact amount of the expected refund, filing status, and other tax information.

     Click the links below to check the status of your state and federal income tax refunds:

     State income tax refund tracking:

     Federal income tax refund tracking: