Johnnie H. Williams Jr.

May 15, 2017

Johnnie H. Williams, Jr. was born on October 24, 1948. He joined the military on January 10, 1967 and served in the Viet Nam War, surviving the particularly intense Tet Offensive in 1968. Many years later, after leaving numerous jobs and struggling with alcoholism and drug addiction, Mr. Williams went to college and became a leader again. He wrote multiple books including, “Help Is On The Way,” “Help Is On The Way 2,” and “When Change Comes, Will You Be Ready?”

Mr. Williams advocates for all veterans, guiding them, their families and friends to connect to the help and service they need or desire. He works with both veterans and civilian agencies to help improve the quality of life of those who served the country. In 2008, Mr. Williams created a service called “Help Is On The Way For Veterans,” at his website,

On his website, Mr. Williams posts daily words of hope and encouragement, as well as announcements he receives from individuals and organizations regarding empowerment workshops, open forums, social events, parades and other resources. He also owns The Way For Veterans Contracting Company, which works to ensure that veterans come home to fulfilling jobs that will support them and their families.

Mr. Williams is well known at the James J. Peters VA Medical Center in the Bronx and beyond. He personally attends meetings and activities for veterans, their families and friends to gather helpful information, and he takes photos at veterans’ events, and displays them in his website’s photo gallery and in the halls of the Bronx VA Medical Center.

“My goals in life are to be like many of the veterans who are willing to take the time out of their lives to help others, no matter who they may be. Just being there for each other can only make life better for all...just a little better.”