Bx24 Service Returns

Jeffrey D. Klein

April 09, 2012

"Today marks an important victory in our efforts to improve public transportation in the Northeast Bronx.  Since the first day the Metropolitan Transit Authority announced the removal of a direct route between the Country Club and Westchester Square communities in February 2010 I have been outspoken in my criticism of their plans.  Last year in April, I held a town hall with the top brass of the MTA to convey to them the importance this route serves in our communities.  The residents who attended our town hall meeting were absolutely uniform in their desire to see the Bx24 return to Westchester Square and to have the Bx5 rerouted back to Bruckner Boulevard. Today, almost a year later and through the persistent efforts of Councilman Vacca, Assemblyman Benedetto and myself, we finally accomplished our goal."