Hazel Ann Miura

May 14, 2014


Hazel Ann Miura


Year: 2014

Hazel Ann Miura was born, raised and still resides in the Bronx, where she was infl uenced primarily by her mother to be an independent woman, stand up for people’s rights and always treat people like she wanted to be treated herself.

Applying these principles to her everyday life, Ms. Miura established BRAVES – Bronx Renters Alliance of Voters for Rent Stabilization – a coalition of Bronx community based organizations, tenant associations and Bronx elected offi cials, with the mission of renewing the rent stabilization laws. Through BRAVES, she works closely with local businesses, merchants and civic associations, city, state and federal agencies, community leaders and elected offi cials to improve neighborhoods and residents’ quality of life.

In addition to helping establish three community (civic) associations within CB-11 – the PPS Tenants Coalition, the Van Nest Neighborhood Alliance and the Bronx Park East Community Association – Ms. Miura has worked more than twenty-five years at the Neighborhood Initiatives Development Corporation. There, she has been responsible for organizing the tenant association and providing direct services and housing counseling on repairs and entitlement issues to individual clients. She also assists tenants in housing court so that they can keep their apartments and fi nd ways to pay back rent and/or make payment arrangements that both parties can live with.

Ms. Miura is currently attending CUNY’s Empire State University, and plans to graduate at the end of the year with her Bachelor’s degree in Community and Human Services. Her commitment to her community, both professionally and personally, is evident in the many organizations she has so selfl essly served over the years, including: twelve years as a New York City Auxiliary Police Officer Lieutenant, overseeing a platoon of close to fi fty auxiliary officers in the 49th Police Precinct; fourteen years as an executive board member of the 49th Precinct Community Council; six years as the President of the Allerton/Pelham Parkway Community Mobile Patrol; fi fteen years as a member of Community Board 11; Co-Chair of the Health & Social Service and Youth Committee; Co-Chair of Olinville/Bronx Park East Committee and two years as an executive board member of the Bronx Park East Community Association.