Silvio Mazzella

May 20, 2013


Silvio Mazzella

Award: Honoring Our Veterans

Year: 2013

Silvio Mazzella was born and raised in an Italian neighborhood in the Morrisania section of the South Bronx. It was an area where many people from Ponza had settled. Silvio is the youngest of fi ve siblings.

Silvio graduated with Honors from Our Lady of Pity School where he was a member of Don Bosco Boys Club. He attended Cardinal Hayes High School, Northeastern University and Monroe College and has a degree in Business Administration.

In 1966, he voluntarily enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. He trained in Parris Island, South Carolina, North Carolina, San Diego, and Okinawa and then served in Vietnam. After serving his country he found employment with Keppler Brothers Supplies Incorporated
as an Administrative Manager. In 1996 he was employed by Unisource Worldwide as a sales consultant.

In 1970 he met and married “the love of his life,” Yvonne Cintron. They were blessed with three children.

Silvio was appointed as a board member on the Jacobi Medical Center Advisory Board in 2004 and served as Vice Chair of Advisory Board and as Chair of the Emergency Room committee. In 2002 he became a member of the 49th Precinct Community Council and then was elected to serve as Vice President on the Council. He was appointed in 2005 as a board member on the Albert Einstein College of Medicine Community Advisory Board. He was also appointed to the CCI (Committee on Clinical Investigation) Institution Review Board of Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

He is honored to be a member of the United States Marine Corps and he will always be faithful to serve his country (Semper Fidelis).