Early Childhood Resources for Lifetime Rewards

Jesse Hamilton

February 09, 2016

Early Childhood Resources for Lifetime Community Rewards

"Pre-Natal to Pre-K" presents an acutely necessary package of measures, steps designed to support New York’s families through a crucial stage that has repercussions for decades to come. From supporting maternal health and affordable childcare, to establishing 12-week family leave across workplaces, households will have an easier time getting the work-life balance right due to these actions.

As Ranking Member of the Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Committee, I emphasize the need for the additional investments in combating maternal depression contained in "Pre-Natal to Pre-K." Mental health problems are public health problems in need of just as much attention, awareness, and action as other major public health challenges. New York will be a healthier, more family friendly state once we have adopted these important measures. I am proud to stand with my colleagues in advocating for giving every family in New York critical tools to meet the challenges they face.

View the full report here, http://goo.gl/AQcnAX