Jesse Hamilton

July 27, 2017

This will not stand.

The message President Trump sent to transgender armed forces personnel yesterday is clear. He aims to discriminate against these brave men and women based on their gender identity. Trump denies their service, he denies their sacrifice, and he denies their full humanity.

The message the transgender community, the entire LGBTQ community, allies, and advocates send back should be equally clear: This will not stand. We have come too far, struggled too hard, and equal justice under the law is too precious to sacrifice to Trump’s small-minded bigotry.

Mr. President, we will see you in court. We will see you when we peacefully protest in the streets. We will not let you take our country backwards. This weakening of our armed forces will not stand. This elevation of ignorance and impetuous cruelty will not stand.

This retrograde move, by a retrograde president, in service of retrograde ends will not stand.