Preserve a Free and Open Internet

Jesse Hamilton

December 08, 2017

Our right to a free and open internet is under attack by the Trump administration. Abandoning net neutrality continues Trump’s record of recklessly tearing up Obama era consumer protections. Trump-appointed FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is preparing to usher in a world where internet service providers can discriminate by creating fast and slow lanes online, self-deal by channeling consumers towards their own content, and harm consumers by forcing us all to pay more for less choice.

Net neutrality protects our rights as consumers in regards to internet usage and content. Net neutrality protections prevent internet service providers from blocking or reducing connection speed to websites. Without these protections, internet service providers would effectively be able to not only control what you see on the internet, but also charge you a premium to view certain content, like Netflix or Hulu for instance. Internet service providers would become gatekeepers, able to censor content they do not like as well as block access to their competitors’ websites.

I stand against Trump and FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s attempt to repeal net neutrality. The FCC intends to vote on the repeal on December 14th. Show support for net neutrality, let the FCC know that you oppose this assault on an open internet. Call (202) 418-1000. The members of the FCC who need to hear our voices can also be reached via twitter at:

  • Ajit Pai, Chairman of the FCC, @AjitPaiFCC
  • Michael O'Rielly, Commissioner on the FCC, @mikeofcc
  • Brendan Carr, Commissioner on the FCC, @BrendanCarrFCC