Recapture the Fierce Urgency of Now

Jesse Hamilton

November 14, 2016

The uptick in hate crimes, harassment, and even outright violence against people because of their ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religion in the wake of Tuesday’s election result is deeply troubling. In my community of Crown Heights, blocks away from my District Office, neighborhood residents awoke Sunday to find a swastika spray painted on the sidewalk. In Clarkstown New York, residents found “No Jews” spray painted on the street and on a real estate lawn sign. Reports are coming in from around the country of acts of hate – against Jews, against Muslims, against people of color. Today, the FBI reported a 7% increase in hate crimes over the past year, with significant increases in hate crimes targeting Muslims and transgender people. Last week, the Southern Poverty Law Center received more than 200 reports in a 24 hour period. We must mobilize against this kind of intimidation and violence.

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