Support School Social Workers!

Jesse Hamilton

February 12, 2018

Mental health, emotional health and wellness all matter to educating our children. A parent fearing eviction, violence at home or in the community, any number of circumstances can impact a child’s ability to learn. School social workers have the expertise to help children, help families, and help our communities address these needs. This legislation, S. 7526-A, would secure better learning outcomes by bringing school social workers’ experience to bear.

Through resolving unmet needs, we must act to better prepare students to learn. I see firsthand the critical work socialworkers do in my district office, which serves as a field placement site permitting social work students and professionals to serve our community.

Thanks to my colleague, Assembly Assistant Speaker Félix Ortiz, for spearheading this legislation in the Assembly. Thanks to the New York State School Social Workers' Association, the New York City and New York State chapters of the National Association of SocialWorkers, and all the professionals, advocates, parents, and educators who are making the case that school social workers have an integral place in all our schools.