Thanks to NASA's Dr. Anna-Maria McGowan!

For International Women's Day, we gave kids what they really hunger for: Science. We brought Dr. Anna-Maria McGowan, one of the top NASA engineers and real life colleague of the Hidden Figures scientists to MS 61.

Are these kids star struck? Yes, but not because they are meeting a figure from pop culture. They are talking to someone who engineers trips to the stars.

Dr. McGowan captivated 350 students from MS61 and PS161 with the message that they could all work for NASA or become astronauts. She shared stories of how her teachers will discourage you because of the color of your skin or your gender, but there are more people who will see that you can do the work. This message resonated because it was brought by someone who looked like them.

Thank you the Foundation For The Revival of Classical Culture for helping bring Dr. McGowan to Brooklyn.