Trans Lives Matter

Jesse Hamilton

May 09, 2017

We must collectively, forcefully, and loudly reject violence against people because of their gender identity. Our country recently suffered the tenth murder of a transgender woman this year; nine of the victims were black transgender woman. These deaths should horrify each and every New Yorker. Our struggle for social justice connects across communities and across identities. Our efforts to build inclusive, accepting communities in New York require us to stand up against these crimes and say, “Not in our City. Not in our State. Not in our communities!” Nobody should be attacked because of who they are. All identities should be safe, and if transgender people are attacked, then other people will inevitably suffer violence because of the color of the skin, their perceived religion, or their background. We will not tolerate people being discriminated against, harassed, abused, and targeted for violence because of their gender identity. Even as the justice system works to bring the perpetrators of these crimes to justice, we as New Yorkers must act to make the call to action “Trans Lives Matter” represents a reality.