Uphold Dignity & Respect in Our Politics

Jesse Hamilton

August 11, 2017

Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins is a dedicated public servant and conscientious legislator. Daniel Loeb’s Facebook remarks were not only unjustified and unjustifiable, they held the unique scorpion’s sting that racially-charged remarks contain. As a legislator of color myself, I understand the damage this type of hateful language causes.

When we have political disagreements, we can and should do so without acrimony, bitterness, anger; and certainly without hurling deeply offensive remarks referencing the KKK, a truly abhorrent group that literally murdered, brutalized, and terrorized African-Americans decade after decade. Loeb’s remarks failed that basic test of decency.

Let’s not advance a political culture of disagreement through demonizing one another, but instead advance a political culture where we can have differences of opinion and still treat each other with the dignity and respect everyone deserves.