Barbara Sush

May 13, 2014


Barbara Sush


Year: 2014

Barbara Sush is a retired teacher who is involved in various organizations, and has spent over 15 years dedicating herself to beautifi cation projects in her community. She was an elementary school teacher for 35 years with the Liberty Central School District. After her retirement, she began working as an office manager at Body, Mind & Spirit Wellness Center on a part-time basis.

Ms. Sush has given countless hours, time and energy to numerous community organizations. She is vice president of the Sullivan County Literacy Volunteers, vice president of the Professional Women of Sullivan County, board member of the Sullivan County Child Care Council and a member of Community Unity. Ms. Sush serves as a Rape Intervention Services and Education (R.I.S.E.) volunteer and fundraiser. She is also a Friend of the Ethelbert B. Crawford Public Library and a Master Gardener for Cornell Cooperative Extension, with nearly 300 hours of volunteer service in the community.

Beginning in 1997, Ms. Sush organized a group of dedicated people to undertake beautification projects in the Village of Monticello, including Joe’s Park, Sharoff ’s Park, and plant flower barrels at every storefront on Broadway. Since then, she and her group of volunteers have landscaped the Department of Transportation triangles at Exit 104, reclaimed DeHoyos Park, built the Joe Kenny Memorial Bridge and Walking Trail, and erected the Sunna Rasch Periwinkle Playground and the Jake Gunther Overlook. They have painted and planted throughout the community!

Her enthusiastic devotion has not gone unnoticed. Although she seeks no credit for her work, she has received several awards and acknowledgements throughout the years. In her professional career, Ms. Sush was nominated for Disney’s “Outstanding Teacher of the Year” Award. In 2010, her commitment to R.I.S.E. was recognized by Community Unity. In 2012, she was presented with an Achievement Award from Sullivan Renaissance for her many years organizing beautification projects in the Monticello area. Ms. Sush and her co-workers have won multiple Sullivan Renaissance competitions.

Ms. Sush lives with her husband, Richard, in Monticello. They have two sons, Matthew and Darren. Darren and his wife, Stephanie, have recently given them their fi rst granddaughter, Brennan Holbrook Sush.