Donna L. Benson

May 10, 2013


Donna L. Benson


Year: 2013

When Donna Benson retires this year from her position as Orange County Clerk, she will leave behind more than her devoted staff.  Orange County Clerk since 1998, Ms. Benson leaves behind a legacy of leadership, diligence, service and exemplary professionalism.

Ms. Benson’s commitment and service transcends agency walls and into the community at large as evidenced by her dedication to and membership in many diverse organizations. Some of the groups that have benefitted from her generosity include, but are not limited to, the Boy Scouts of America, Hudson Valley Council Committees for Distinguished Citizens, the Office for the Aging/RSVP Advisory Councils, the Florida Chamber of Commerce, the AHRC Botanical Gardens, the American Legion Auxiliary; Ms. Benson has also been on the Board of Directors for Inspire from 2006 to the present. She is also a part of St. Joseph’s Living Rosary Society, is an honorary member of the Florida Fire Company, a member of the Florida Chamber of Commerce, a Cub Scout den mother, regional chair-Hudson Valley and New York State Association of County Clerks. 

Ms. Benson has served as vice president of Little League in Florida, New York State Association of County Clerks President, United Way Board of Directors past chair & secretary and 2004/2005 Inspire Cherish the Children honorary chair. 

For all her efforts, Ms. Benson has been recognized by serveral organizations. Some of her honors include the Regina G. Black Humanitarian Award (AHRC); the Women’s Bar Association of Orange/Sullivan Counties Rose Rosen Award; Hudson Valley Council-Boy Scouts of America “Distinuguished Citizen” Award; Inspire Shining Star Award; NYSACC Annual Achievement Award; and the NYSACC Clerk of the Year Award. 

Ms. Benson does not believe in leaving the work for others, instead choosing to take on challenges herself. “I am always looking for ways to improve the services of the County Clerk’s office so I can offer the residents of Orange County a place to receive government services while being treated with professionalism, compassion and respect. Helping people through my job or the agencies that I am associated with is always a fulfilling part of my day.”