Joanne Rosenberger

May 15, 2012


Joanne Rosenberger


Year: 2012

Joanne Rosenberger stands out as an inspiration to the next generation in many ways, most notably through her work as a Girl Scout leader. Ms. Rosenberger has been a scout leader for 20 years, since her daughter Erin (now 25) started in Girl Scouts as a Brownie. She has established herself as a positive role model, inspiring confi dence and compassion in so many young girls.

Each year Ms. Rosenberger holds weekly meetings where the girls work on projects – many of them community-focused – create crafts, earn badges, and just have fun. Over the years, the troop has grown; now she runs three troops just to make sure all the girls in the community who want to participate have a place to go. In addition, she holds numerous outings all year long, including camping trips, bike riding, litter plucking and youth center clean-ups, fi eld trips,bake and craft sales just to name a few! Her patience, respectful leadership, and devotion are never-ending.

This year she embarked on an even greater challenge: to build a nature trail and exercise circuit at the Delaware Youth Center, a non-profi t community center in Callicoon. She and four girls who have been with her in scouts since Brownies in Kindergarten set out to achieve the highest award possible, the Gold Award. Under her leadership and direction, they spent countless hours planning, designing, digging, and building. Ms. Rosenberger was right next to them every step of the way with shovel in hand! Not only did they receive their Gold Award, they were also instrumental in helping Callicoon win the top prize of $25,000 in the Sullivan County Renaissance competition.

Through Ms. Rosenberger’s dedication and passion, girls have developed into remarkable young women, and she has played a tremendous role in guiding them throughout their lives. The community thanks her for her tireless efforts and enormous contributions year after year.