Senator Bonacic Advocates for Governor Cuomo to Sign S1885-C Into Law: Volunteer Firefighter Applicants Would Be Checked for Prior Sex Offenses

John J. Bonacic

July 23, 2014

Senator Bonacic spoke at a press conference today at the Rock Hill Volunteer Fire Company advocating for the Governor to sign Senate Bill 1885-C into law.  This Bill would allow the fire chief to authorize a  background check on an applicant who wants to be a volunteer firefighter to see if there are any sex offense convictions.  The fire chief would have the authority to deny the submission should the applicant have prior sex offense convictions. 

“Volunteer fire department personnel should have all the means necessary to keep convicted sex offenders from becoming volunteers,” said Senator Bonacic.  “Oftentimes, volunteer firefighters are in situations where children and families are present, whether in the actions of a fire or medical emergency.  Additionally, they take part in community and school events where children are present.  This law will give volunteer fire companies the support they need.”