Senator Bonacic Announces Passage of Legislation to Protect Students who Receive State Scholarships: Assembly Must Act!

March 30, 2016

(Albany, NY)- Senator John J. Bonacic (R/C/I-Mt. Hope) is pleased to announce that the Senate has passed again, S1370, legislation which he sponsored, that would ensure that students who receive certain state scholarships would not see their scholarship award reduced for choosing to live off-campus. Students in New York who receive specific scholarships are required to live on campus in order to receive the full scholarship award amount. The scholarships that this legislation affects include:

·         World Trade Center Memorial Scholarship;

·         Memorial Scholarship for families of deceased firefighters, volunteer firefighters, police officers, peace officers and emergency medical service workers;

·         Military Service Recognition Scholarship;

·         Flight 587 Memorial Scholarship; and

·         Flight 3407 Memorial Scholarship.

“Students who depend on these scholarships should not be penalized for choosing to live off campus,” said Senator Bonacic. “I hope my colleagues in the Assembly will move swiftly to pass this bill, so that we can protect the students from New York, and allow those who depend on these scholarships to continue their studies uninterrupted.”

This bill has now passed the Senate six years in a row without the Assembly bringing it to the floor for a vote.