Senator Bonacic Reminds Hunters to Follow Safety Rules this Hunting Season

November 15, 2017

(Middletown, NY)-With several hunting seasons’ just days away, Senator John J. Bonacic (R/C/I-Mt. Hope) today urged hunters in the Hudson Valley and Catskills to follow all safety rules to ensure a safe and enjoyable hunt. It is critically important that hunters use common sense and remember what they were taught in their NYS Department of Conservation hunters education course. While statistics show that hunting in New York State is safer than ever, hunters make mistakes every year. However, every hunting-related shooting incident is preventable.

“Hunters play a critical role in wildlife management throughout New York State and following basis safety rules will ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable hunt,” said Senator Bonacic.

DEC’s hunting rules include:

  • Assume every gun is loaded.
  • Control the muzzle. Point your gun in a safe direction.
  • Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.
  • Be sure of your target and beyond.
  • DEC encourages hunters to wear blaze orange or pink. Wearing orange or pink prevents other hunters from mistaking a person for an animal, or shooting in your direction. Hunters who wear hunter orange are seven times less likely to be shot.
  • When hunting in tree stands use a safety harness and a climbing belt, as most tree stand accidents occur when hunters are climbing in and out of the stand. Also, never climb in or out of a tree stand with a loaded rifle.
  • Always be prepared for winter conditions when venturing in the woods, inform a friend or relative of your whereabouts, and pack emergency supplies.


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