Senator Bonacic Supports Senate Budget Resolution that Cuts Taxes, Increases Aid to Education and Substantially Invests in Water Infrastructure

March 15, 2017

(Albany, NY)- State Senator John J. Bonacic (R/C/I-Mt. Hope) voted today in favor of a Senate Budget Resolution that reduces taxes, increases education spending, invests in water infrastructure, continues to support our veterans, protects seniors, and increases support for our local roads and bridges.

“This Budget Resolution is a fiscally sound document that continues to address the needs of all New Yorkers,” said Senator Bonacic. “My colleagues in the Republican Majority Conference and I understand the need to reign in property taxes, invest in our students, protect our water resources, and improve infrastructure.”

Highlights of the Senate Budget Resolution include:

  • Historic State Investment of Nearly $8 Billion in Clean Water;
  • Protection of STAR and Improved STAR Benefits for Small Businesses;
  • A five percent increase in school aid funding over last year ($1.2 billion), bringing the total investment in schools to a record level of $25.4 billion;
  • Doubling of the Governor’s Foundation Aid proposal with $478 million in additional funding, for a total increase of more than $906 million since 2016-17;
  • $75 million increase for the Consolidated Local Street and Highway Program (CHIPS), for a total $513 million;
  • A $109 million investment in the Enhanced Tuition Assistance Program (E-TAP);
  • $206 million for the state’s heroin and opioid-related initiatives;
  • Restoration of $12 Million in Agriculture Support;
  • Reforms to Workers’ Compensation; and
  • Expansion of ride-sharing in New York State.