Filomena Piscitelli

May 14, 2014


Filomena Piscitelli


Year: 2014

Filomena Piscitelli is a great example of the impact one woman can have on her community, while inspiring all New York residents.

Mrs. Piscitelli was born in Italy. The oldest of fi ve children, she assumed the role of caretaker of her family at a young age. She married the late Mario Piscitelli in June of 1963, and in August of that year, they traveled to America to start a new life. By 1967, their family had grown, with the addition of son Alexander and daughter Maria Rina. As a young mother, Mrs. Piscitelli balanced her family obligations and her work as she helped her husband open Mario’s Shoe Repair in Greenlawn. She proudly recognized her dream of becoming a citizen of the United States in 1966.

While raising her family, Mrs. Piscitelli spent nights learning English; she entered the workforce in 1979, becoming an assistant cook at Harborfi elds High School.

Mrs. Piscitelli’s life took an unfortunate turn when her husband passed away in 1988, leaving her a young widow at the age of 42. Recognizing that she now was both mother and father to her young adult children, she persevered – all while constantly helping others.

For almost 35 years, Mrs. Piscitelli has helped feed, nurture and love tens of thousands of school children. Cooking, bringing in her own food and now running the entire kitchen, she has made the school kitchen feel like home. That has led many, especially her students, toadore her and to consider her a member of their family. The impact she has had on those around her is immeasurable.

As the proud mother of Alexander and Maria Rina, Mrs. Piscitelli is also the proud mother-in-law of Stephanie and Robert, and grandmother of Mario, Alexander, Dylan, Robert, Michael, Jessica and Nicholas.