JoAnn Pushkin

May 11, 2011


JoAnn Puskin


Year: 2011

JoAnn Pushkin is a breast cancer survivor who has made the decision to use her personal situation to help others fight back against this deadly disease.  After her diagnosis in 2005, which was originally missed because she is one of millions of women with dense breast tissue, Ms. Pushkin dedicated herself to advocating for advanced screening coverage and the disclosure of enhanced information to all women.

Ms. Pushkin is a cofounder of D.E.N.S.E. (Density Education National Survivors’ Effort), a national grassroots effort to raise awareness about breast density, and its inherent cancer risk, and is also founder of the New York chapter D.E.N.S.E. NY.  

She serves as the Director of Government Relations for Are You Dense Advocacy, Inc.  This organization supports efforts for a federal law that would provide all women in the nation who are affected by breast density with the opportunity for an early stage diagnosis.

Ms. Pushkin is currently working with Senator John Flanagan to push for legislation that would require insurance companies in New York State to provide supplemental screenings for women with dense breast tissue and would require doctors to provide vital information for women who have dense breast tissue or who are at greater risk of breast cancer.

In addition to her efforts to enhance early breast cancer detection throughout the country, Ms. Pushkin is a freelance marketing consultant and a published children’s writer who is currently working on a middle grade novel.

Ms. Pushkin and husband Art, who is past president and active member of the Melville Lions Club, are proud parents of Lauren Mahon.