Senator Flanagan Promotes Town of Smithtown Senior Citizen Home Maintenance Program

John J. Flanagan

July 23, 2010

     In an effort to further reach out to our community, I have gathered information pertaining to Residential Repair Programs and Senior Citizen Home Maintanance courtesy of the Smithtown Senior Citizens Department.

These programs offer great opportunities and can be very beneficial if taken advantage of.  If you have any further questions or would like more information on these programs, please feel free to contact Laura Greif, Program Director at (631) 360-7616 at your convenience.

                                                            Senator John J. Flanagan

Who is Eligible?

            Town of Smithtown residents who are:

·         Homeowners or renters

·         60 years of age and older 

Residential Repair provides household assistance for tasks that do not require the skills of a licensed craftsman.  THIS IS NOT AN EMERGENCY SERVICE.  Jobs will be serviced in the order they received. 

Exception:  Jobs requesting installation of safety equipment will be given first priority.

The following is a list of examples of assistance we may offer:

1.       Plumbing

a.)    Replacing washer or faucets for kitchen sinks, wash basin and tubs

b.)    Clearing clogged sinks only

c.)    Repair toilet tanks

2.       Electrical

a.)    Repairing or rewiring lamps and frayed cords

b.)    Replace light switches, receptacles or fuses where accessible

c.)    No appliance repairs (with the exception of water hose connections.)

3.       Carpentry

a.)    Installation of grab bars, safety rails, and hand rails

b.)    Minor repairs to doors, floors, house trim, etc.

c.)    Installation of shelves and curtain rods.

4.       Interior Painting-primer only


            b.)  Ceilings where water or structural damage has occurred.

            c.)  Patch walls and ceilings

5.   Weatherization

            a.)  Caulking and weather stripping of windows and doors

6.   Exterior Services (WEATHER PERMITTING)

            a.)  MINOR patching of concrete, walk ways and masonry foundations

            b.)  Clean gutters and drains (Single Story Homes ONLY!)

7.   Crime Prevention & Safety

            a.)  Installation of door and window locks

            b.)  Installation of peepholes

            c.)  Installation of smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors

8.   Miscellaneous Services

            a.)  Replacing single broken windowpane (Non Insulated Window Glass ONLY)

            b.)  Installation or removal of storm windows and screens

                        c.)  Repair of screens 

Any additional minor repairs must be assessed and receive prior approval from department head.

NO TIPPING PERMITTED!  Recipient will be given the opportunity to make a VOLUNTARY contribution to the program.

HOW TO APPLY:  Phone (631) 360-7616 between 9:00 am- 3:00pm.  An assessment of the job may be needed to estimate work required and cost of materials.  Eligible clients must provide or pay for materials. 

Patrick R. Vecchio, Town Supervisor                         Laura Greif, Program Director