2010 ARRC Legislation

John L. Sampson

July 16, 2010

S.4101/Sampson:  Directs state agencies reviewing existing rules to conduct outreach to small businesses, localities, and rural interests under certain circumstances; requires the Governor’s Office of Regulatory Reform to monitor state agencies relating to their review of existing rules and their outreach to small businesses, local governments, and public and private interests in rural areas.  (same as Uni A.7453/Gianaris)

S.6911/Sampson:  Directs the Division of Criminal Justice Services to study, review and report, to the Governor and the Legislature on the laws, rules and regulations and policies relating to air pistols and other non-powder guns; directs such division to make recommendations to ensure that the public interest is served. (same as A.9423 Gianaris)

Other Regulatory Legislation:

S.2829 /Valesky:  Provides for the detailing of the benefits and costs of proposed rules in the regulatory impact statements to ensure proper disclosure to the public of such information.

(same as A.2941/Christensen)

S.5796/Valesky:  An act to amend the State Administrative Procedure Act (SAPA), in relation to state mandates on local governments and detailing the benefits and costs of proposed rules and regulations.