Holiday Safety for Your Home

John L. Sampson

During the Holidays, many of us enjoy decorating our homes with lights, candles and other holiday displays. Lights and other decorations make our holidays more festive and enjoyable. They also make our community brighter and help chase the Winter blues away. While these decorations are fun and festive, please keep in mind a few home safety tips.

Always make sure to extinguish candles before bed or before leaving your home. Make sure candles are placed on a firm surface well away from flammable materials such as wood, paper or plastic. If you allow children to light holiday candles, make sure an adult is there to supervise.
When selecting a live Christmas tree make sure to choose one that is not dried out. Needles should be green Shake it or strike the end on the ground, if a lot of needles fall off choose another tree. Also, make sure trees are placed a safe distance from heat sources.
When you get your tree home cut one to two inches off the bottom of the tree and place tree in a container with at least one gallon of water. Check the water level every other day and make sure your tree does not dry out.
Before stringing holiday lights make sure to check the strings thoroughly for fraying or other damage. Also make sure that all bulbs are in working order. Replace any damaged items.
Make sure to unplug holiday lights and displays when you are out of the house or before bed.
Do not overload electric outlets.