Tiphaine Tsang

May 13, 2013


Tiphaine Tsang


Year: 2013

Tiphaine Tsang is an inspirational example of how the American dream can be attained for those who immigrate to this country. Born in Hong Kong, she received her education, graduated, married and immigrated to New York City.

Like many immigrant women with limited English language skills and a limited support system, Ms. Tsang dedicated her early years in the United States to raising two children while working to strengthen her communication skills. As she began to achieve proficiency, she started to work with her husband’s business, ultimately serving as the office manager and head accountant of an import and export trading company. 

Wanting to help other non-English speaking Chinese members of her community, Ms. Tsang began a full-time post as community liaison at Victory Memorial Hospital, working extensively with non-English speaking Chinese patients to ensure that they received proper healthcare. She volunteered concurrently at Homecrest Community Services during her spare time.

She officially became a staff member of Homecrest Community Services in 2000 as their facilitated enroller. In this position, she performed outreach work with local schools and was responsible for helping low and moderate income families in the neighborhood complete insurance applications for their children. Eventually, Ms. Tsang became the assistant director/program director for Homecrest Community Services in which she implemented several successful initiatives, including Homecrest’s Annual Health Fair and the annual Souvenir Journal. 

Ms. Tsang’s dedication to her community is limitless. Her life at Homecrest is devoted to social development and equality and she continues to contribute her passion, diligence and skills to the organization’s mission statement, which is, to help integrate and uplift immigrant communities. 

Ms. Tsang is the recipient of numerous awards, including but not limited to: a Service Award by P.S. 206, numerous certificates of appreciation from Child Health Now! and The Children’s Defense Fund for “outstanding service to children at risk,” a high honor from Cunnigham, I.S. 234, a community service award from Senator Golden, the Precinct Community Council, the Asian-American Merchants of Avenue U, and the Kings County District Attorney’s Office, she received a commendation from the Office of the New York City Comptroller. In addition, Ms. Tsang was recognized as one of Brooklyn’s Extraordinary Women in 2010.