Wendy Charece McClinton

May 17, 2014


Wendy Charece McClinton

Award: Honoring Our Veterans

Year: 2014

Wendy Charece McClinton is a native daughter of New York City, where she was raised and received her formal education. After graduation from high school, she joined the United States Army, where she served for a decade. This decorated veteran served during the Desert Storm Persian Gulf Era.

So much can be said about Ms. McClinton, who is naturally intelligent, works diligently and has committed herself to the pursuit of excellence. Numerous citations and awards mark her tenure with the military, including Black Veteran for Social Justice, Inc., and the National Association for Black Veterans.

As an Administrator, Ms. McClinton’s leadership and management skills gave way to her prolific role as President/CEO of Black Veterans for Social Justice. As a result of her sterling reputation for professionalism and devotion to duty, she was appointed New York State Commander of the National Association of Black Veterans (NABVETS). This complicated and challenging position encompassed the overall responsibility for furthering the services of veterans while galvanizing and organizing veterans across the State of New York.

Ms. McClinton is very proud of her years of service and discipline in the Army. She was assigned to the United States Army Information Systems Command located at the Pentagon in Washington DC, the 118th Detachment Postal Unit, Pusan, Korea and the 25th Infantry Division Light Mechanized, Schofield Barracks, Hawaii.

She graduated from the United States Army Logistical Management College, earning her Bachelor of Arts in Theology from the Andersonville Baptist Seminary. A Masters of Arts in Theology was bestowed upon her in June of 2006, when she graduated from the Rehoboth Theological Institute in Brooklyn, New York.

Most view Wendy as the go-to person. She is a doting community servant, organizer and motivator. Wendy is the loving mother of three sons Knecos, Jamal and Jahcobe and is the grandmother, a.k.a. “GyGy,” to Synai, Amauri, Knecos Jr. and Alivia.