Youtube Video: Jewel Sulker Meets The Press With Senator Sampson

John L. Sampson

July 16, 2008

Brooklyn, NY - Senator John Sampson (D-Brooklyn) and Diane Brown, the mother of 10-year-old Jewel Sulker, appeal to the medical community for assistance. Jewel is in dire need of life-saving medical procedures. Among Jewel's medical problems are: no colon, no genitalia, no cervix, no kidneys, a vastly undersized and deformed bladder, her kneecaps are on the side of her legs, has scoliosis, (curvature of the spine), wears a colostomy bag, a renal port for dialysis and has a shunt to easily administer life-affirming medicine in her neck leading to her carotid artery. Jewel doesn't speak and is mostly deaf. Select the link to view Senator Sampson's passionate appeal and exclusive footage of Jewel.