Alice “Pat” Thorpe

May 15, 2012


Alice “Pat” Thorpe


Year: 2012

Alice “Pat” Thorpe’s community vocation started while she was working in the health field in 1956. Throughout her career, she has also worked for two unions: Local 144 AFL-CIO and 1199-SEIU and eventually went on to Cornell University where she studied to become a business agent for the unions.

In 1995, Ms. Thorpe received the prestigious award from the president of the AFL-CIO in New York City for her outstanding work and dedication as a delegate for the hospital.

Ms. Thorpe retired from the health field in 2002 and has since devoted much of her time to serving others in her Queens community. She is well known by her many good deeds. Not one to sit back, she patrols the area, taking pictures of needed work and repairs and then advocates before the appropriate organizations for the needs of the communities.

Ms. Thorpe works diligently with the United States Postal Council, East Elmhurst Post Office, assuring that the mail is delivered on time and to the proper addresses. She is a member of the 115th Precinct Community Council Executive Board; the East Elmhurst Corona Civic Association; the Corona-East Elmhurst NAACP; and the Corona East Elmhurst Kiwanis Club. She has also completed the Citizen Police Academy Training Program.

Her love of children is evident. To no one’s surprise, Ms. Thorpe can be seen walking with children, escorting them to the movies, the science museum, buying them ice cream or just taking time to talk to them and listen to their concerns. Often she is the neighborhood babysitter, expecting nothing from parents in return.

Ms. Thorpe works daily within her community, helping to make her neighborhood a better place in which to live and work. If there is a problem, just call Ms. Thorpe; she is always willing to jump into action and help in any way she can.