Census 2010 "It's In Our Hands"

Joseph E. Robach

February 26, 2010

Census forms begin arriving in mailboxes March 15th.

The census is integral to our community and the people of Rochester and Western New York in 2010. Everyone should take an active role in the census. This process makes sure that every resident in Rochester is counted for and has a voice in our community and in all levels of government.

Census data is instrumental on how federal funding is spent on infrastructure and services such as hospitals, schools, senior centers, and emergency services. We must all work together to ensure a thorough and accurate result.

Our businesses, local organizations, and government leaders need to do everything we can do to promote Census 2010 and to partner with the Census Bureau. Awareness and partnerships are key roles to achieve participation from members of our community. For our residents, this is a way for each person to stand up, be counted, and allow them to have their voices heard on issues that affect them on a daily basis.

It is extremely important to our city, state, and nation that every Rochesterian help promote, support, and take part in the 2010 Census. I pledge to do my part to help. I am very happy to see that a local office is being opened here in Rochester to make sure our residents here are served. Census 2010, It's In Our Hands! For more information on Census 2010, visit http://www.census2010.gov.