Darn Good Cookie Company Grand Opening

Joseph E. Robach

November 14, 2012

On Monday afternoon, I had the privilege to attend, and speak at the grand opening ceremony for Darn Good Cookie Company. Offering a variety of cookies in customizable baskets, boxes, trays or bags, Darn Good Cookie Company will delight the palette of Rochesterians and make a difference in the community. Whatever the event - a birthday or anniversary celebration, wedding or baby shower, summer picnic or holiday party or work meeting or conference - Darn Good Cookie Company will provide just the right cookie creation. Darn Good Cookie Company places and trains individuals in recovery in a supportive employment setting, providing them with a path to rebuild and relearn job skills. Individuals receive sufficient training, mentoring and on-the-job experience to bring them to a point where they can apply for, and obtain, competitive employment. Employment plays a fundamental role in recovery for those with mental illness and/or chemical dependency as it provides structure and consistency, offers a route to economic empowerment via a steady paycheck and serves as a basis for increased self-esteem and confidence. Darn Good Cookie Company also directly confronts the high unemployment rate of the mentally ill and/or chemically dependent population and enables their greater participation in the workforce. The creation of Darn Good Cookie Company was a community effort. With an RIT EMBA Capstone project proposing and analyzing a cookie business model and two generous grants from the Max and Marian Farash Charitable Foundation and the Polisseni Foundation, Darn Good Cookie was on its way! Darn Good Cookie Company offers six flavors of cookies including classics like Darn Good Chocolate Chip, Indulgent Peanut Butter and “I Want Candy” cookies. Cookies are arranged in baskets, boxes and trays – for any occasion. Consumers may visit the Darn Good Cookie Company website at www.darngoodcookie.com. All proceeds from Darn Good Cookie Company will benefit East House. East House is a private, non-profit rehabilitation agency. Founded in 1966, East House now serves over 1,000 clients and families each year as they recover from mental illness and/or chemical addictions through residential, support and rehabilitation services. East House offers person centered programs to enable clients to receive a more tailored approach to ensure their own recovery. East House is dedicated to moving lives forward everyday. East House is funded by New York State, Monroe County, United Way, client fees and donations. For more information, visit www.easthouse.org