Hilda Rosario Escher

May 15, 2012


Hilda Rosario Escher


Year: 2012

Hilda Rosario Escher is president and CEO of Ibero American Action League. She has 25 years of experience in the human services sector and brings the perspective of a minority female with an innovative approach.

As president and CEO, she is the voice of the Rochester Hispanic Community. Ms. Escher focuses her efforts on strategic planning, developing leaders in her organization and being an agent of change to lead innovation. Since 1968, Ibero-American Action League has taken a leadership role in nurturing partnerships, services, and advocacy among the community to meet the needs of Latinos in the Rochester area.

Ms. Escher has an extensive background in human services, which includes work in developmental disabilities, foster care, adoption, day care and employment and training services. Through her efforts, services for the developmentally disabled have increased substantially in the City of Rochester. This division of city government experienced financial growth under her leadership by focusing on infrastructure improvement. While in the foster care program, she was able to shorten children’s length of stay in foster care and implemented the model approach to “Partnership in Parenting” training for foster parents.

Ms. Escher is the past-president of the Rochester Psychiatric Center Board. She also sits on the executive committee for the Council of Agency Executives, the University of Rochester Center for Community Health and the Primary Care Development Corporation and is a member of the Regional Economic Council. She is the past-chair of Coordinated Care Services’ board of directors.

Born and raised in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico, Ms. Escher currently resides in the City of Rochester with her husband and two children. When she has spare time, she enjoys dancing, reading, volunteering, and learning about diff cultures.