Italian-American State Legislators College Scholarships

I am pleased to announce that the New York Conference of Italian-American State Legislators is now accepting applications for four $3,000 scholarships, which will be awarded in June at their Annual Legislative Conference Day. 

Given the high costs of college, every opportunity must be made by students and their families to meet their required expenses with scholarships, student loans, financial aid and personal contributions. Of this year’s four $3,000 scholarships, two will be based academically and two athletically.  Eligibility is judged upon the student’s grade point average, interest in pursuing a higher education, extra-curricular activities, and involvement in the local community, as well as individual financial need.

The Conference of Italian-American State Legislators is a bipartisan organization of New York State Assembly and Senate members who are actively involved in promoting and celebrating the state’s Italian-American community. The mission of the conference is to work to elevate and highlight Italian-American contributions to the State of New York and beyond, in all aspects of society, including literature, the arts, architecture and politics. 

Students may request an application by visiting my office at 2300 W. Ridge Road, Rochester 14626, contacting me at (585) 225-3650 or, or by downloading the PDF application at The deadline to submit completed applications to my office is 5pm, Thursday, April 20th.