Kim Condon

May 13, 2015


Kim Condon


Year: 2015

Kim Condon is Executive Director of Daystar for Medically Fragile Children, Inc. She helped establish Daystar as New York State’s first and only pediatric day-respite center specifically designed to provide a broad range of psychosocial, developmental and healthcare supports for families of children with serious medical complexities. Ms. Condon’s work is dedicated to making children’s lives better, and there is no nobler goal than that. 

Since joining Daystar in January 2013, the agency has experienced unprecedented growth, quadrupling its service capacity, doubling its teaching and pediatric nursing staff and increasing its annual operating budget by more than 200%. During her tenure, Ms. Condon has developed new care coordination services and enhanced family education and training programs, expanded its partnership with Early Intervention and formalized its partnership with Golisano Children’s Hospital, to deliver preventive healthcare services onsite. 

Under Ms. Condon’s stewardship, Daystar’s innovative, multi-disciplinary model has changed the dialogue about the future of medically fragile children in New York State. Lacking a dedicated source of funding, Ms. Condon has compelled Daystar to pursue innovative, effective and impactful community collaborations to achieve improved outcomes for its young clientele. Under Ms. Condon’s leadership, Daystar provides a comprehensive blend of all the best resources for children with serious medical needs, at a fraction of the cost. 

Ms. Condon brings visionary leadership and a wealth of experience in the private and non-profit sectors to her advocacy efforts, having spent more than 15 years in the field representing the interests of more than 100 health and human service providers, national corporations and public policy advocacy groups. Daystar would not be where it is today, helping children and their families in a way no other organization can, without Kim Condon’s dedication, hard work and perseverance.