Sen. Robach and Senate Continue Efforts to Combat Heroin and Opioid Addiction

Heroin and opioid addiction continues to be a serious problem across New York State -- destroying lives and crippling our communities.

That's why I successfully fought to secure a record-high $214 million in funding to enhance prevention, treatment, recovery and education services across the state.

And now my colleagues and I in the Senate are taking the next steps in this important battle by approving a major new legislative package that would:

- Enact “Laree’s Law” and hold drug dealers accountable;

- Create drug free zones around drug or alcohol treatment centers;

- Establish new penalties for heroin sales;

- Make it easier to prosecute heroin dealers;

- Crack down on black market prescription drugs;

- Increase the penalties for heroin and polydrug offenses;

- Improve the regulation of fentanyl;

- Crack down on the sale of carfentanil;

- Conform state controlled substances with federal schedules;

- Toughen penalties for the sale of a controlled substance to minors;

- Limit children’s opioid exposure;

- Require patient counseling prior to issuing a prescription for a Schedule II opioid;

- Prevent predatory and deceptive substance abuse treatment; and

- Expand access to funding for state substance abuse services.

Stiffening penalties for drug dealers, restricting the flow of illegal substances and implementing proven and effective methods of treatment for people in recovery are common sense and strategic approaches to combatting the heroin and opioid epidemic – and this legislative action reinforces that our resolve to fight against this public health crisis is as strong as ever.