Sen. Robach, Senate Approve Additional $40 Million for Lake Ontario Flood Relief and Recovery Grant Program

March 30, 2018

Sen. Robach was pleased to have worked to secure an additional $40 million for the Lake Ontario Flood Relief and Recovery Grant Program as part of the New York State Budget. This issue was among his highest priorities throughout negotiations and was glad that his colleagues in the state legislature agreed. With the allocation of these additional funds, Sen. Robach has already begun working to ensure that Sheen Housing and the New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal expedite payment of all outstanding approved grants. Additionally, it is critically important for Sheen Housing to clear the backlog of residents who are still awaiting an inspection of their property and approval of their applications. Due to the IJC’s continued failure to modify Plan 2014 and their insistence of a virtually unregulated lake level, it is imperative for New York State to keep our promise of assistance to lakeshore residents before another flood event happens this spring.