Sen. Robach, Senate Takes Action Against Sexual Harassment

March 12, 2018

Every person should be able to go to work without fearing harassment and abuse from a co-worker or superior. Whether it’s in Hollywood, a corporate suite, or a government office, there is absolutely no place in our society for sexual harassment. 

That's why Sen. Robach is fighting to enact a comprehensive new bi-partisan law to combat sexual harassment in both the public and private sectors all across our state. It would:

- Establish a statutory definition of sexual harassment;

- Prohibit the anonymity of the accused in court-approved settlements and banning mandatory sexual harassment arbitration clauses;

- Prohibit confidentiality agreements unless the victim requests confidentiality;

- Expand protections to independent contractors;

- Create uniform policies for all branches of state and local government; and

- Protect hardworking taxpayers from paying for public sector harassment settlements.

This important legislation will help to send a loud and clear message - that there is no place for sexual harassment in New York State.