WebTitle Agency Opens New Corporate Offices

Joseph E. Robach

November 14, 2012

On Thursday afternoon, I had the privilege to attend, and speak at, the grand opening ceremony for WebTitle Agency's new corporate office, located in Brighton. WebTitle and partner companies Cascade Settlement Agency and Customized Lenders Services are now located at 500-A Canal View Boulevard. The new corporate headquarters occupies approximately 31,000 square feet with 37 separate offices, multiple training rooms with versatile conference space, Wi-Fi access and upwards of 200 parking spaces. This new facility will allow the staff of 160 to better integrate the three business units, further enhance the products/services offered to better serve the needs of their client partners and allow ample space for continued expansion. This new space doubles the square footage they occupied prior to relocating to Canal View in August and has already allowed for the addition of 31 new employees. For more information, visit http://webtitle.us/.