Sen. Griffo announces funding for Utica tennis courts

October 20, 2017

UTICA – State Sen. Joseph Griffo, R-Rome, joined with Utica Mayor Robert Palmieri and other officials today to announce $200,000 in funding for much-needed upgrades to the city’s tennis courts at the Parkway Recreation Center on the Memorial Parkway.

“From its many parks and walking trails to Valley View Golf Course and a new bike-share program, the city of Utica has much to offer those looking to get outside and enjoy some fresh air,” Sen. Griffo said. “But sometimes, these recreational attractions need a little care to make sure that people and families can fully enjoy them. That is why I was proud to have secured this funding for improvements to the tennis courts at the Parkway Recreation Center. This funding has gone towards important updates at the courts, which I know will make them a more attractive option for tennis players, tennis tournaments and others in the region.”

The funding helped cover work at the courts, including resurfacing all 18 playing surfaces, making infrastructure improvements and installing striping so the courts meet the criteria of the United State Tennis Association.

The funding also covered work at the city’s Chancellor Park tennis courts.

“I thank Senator Griffo for understanding the important quality of life asset the tennis courts at the Parkway Recreation Center provide our community and for securing the necessary resources to fund this great project,” Palmieri said.