Joseph P. Addabbo Jr

April 09, 2014

Queens, NY (April 9, 2014) – Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr. celebrated the opening of a new travel plaza near John F. Kennedy International Airport with fellow elected officials and members of the surrounding communities.

“This plaza is a victory for the community on many levels,” Senator Addabbo said. “One, it will be an economic engine. The additional approximately 100 jobs and $30 million a year in sales will create more opportunity for this area and for the city.”

The travel plaza, on 148th Street and 150th Avenue, is situated in between several hotels and across from the airport, ensuring its success, Senator Addabbo said.

“Each and every amenity, including the location, food variety and free wi-fi, invites in that many more visitors, and we want to promote this community and accommodate those coming here helping fuel our economy,” he said.

Senator Addabbo additionally commended the option of diesel and natural gas, as well as the Tesla electric chargers.

“We’re really stepping into the future,” he said. “We’re able to cater to every person passing through.”