Beatrice Ruberto

May 14, 2014


Beatrice Ruberto


Year: 2014

Beatrice Ruberto has been an active volunteer in numerous community organizations and events for decades. Her dedication and commitment to community is an exemplary model for everyone to follow.

Since becoming a member of the Sound Beach Civic Association in 1995, she has utilized her leadership skills to help build a better community for all residents. Over the years, Ms. Ruberto has served in various capacities within the Association, beginning as a general member and progressing upwards to lead the organization as its president.

Her vision and guidance has improved the area in a myriad of ways. A few of her achievements include serving as Chair of the Annual Scholarship Fund Food Fair & Silent Auction, which has raised and awarded $10,000 to local students. She hosted the annual Pet Adopt-A-Thon that brought animal rescue groups together with potential owners to find suitable homes for pets.

Ms. Ruberto has applied for and obtained grants to improve the pedestrian walkway on Echo Avenue and worked to replace the “Welcome to Sound Beach” sign. She organized and managed the successful “Celebrate Sound Beach” weekend to further promote the area. She has expanded and enlarged the bimonthly Civic Association Newsletter and has transformed the Sound Beach Civic Association into an integral part of the community.

She has overseen several successful events as a member of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Sound Beach Fire Department. In 2012, she was acknowledged by the Ladies Auxiliary Service Company and given the Woman of the Year award. She continues her involvement by serving as secretary in the organization.

Ms. Ruberto’s 20+ years of volunteer activity also extends beyond the Sound Beach communty. She served as a member of the Brookhaven Township Anti-Litter Task Force and helped organize the “Clean Up Brookhaven” weekend. She arranged annual forums for federal, state, local and school district candidate elections to enable area residents to learn about the issues. For her contributions, she was recognized in 2011 as the Times Beacon “Woman of the Year in Civics.”

As one of the most active, civic-minded individuals in the district, Ms.Ruberto’s generous use of her free time has truly made many lasting, positive impacts in the community.