Closing of More Than 30 Acres on the Carmans River

Kenneth P. LaValle

July 15, 2011

New York State Senator Kenneth P. LaValle (at podium), author of the historic Pine Barrens Preservation legislation that  assured the protection of environmentally sensitive lands for generations to come joined, from left, Brookhaven Town Supervisor Mark Lesko, Senator Lee Zeldin and Assemblyman Dean Murray at the July 15 Town of Brookhaven announcement of the acquisition of the Lake Grove School property. The parcel is sandwiched between two public land holdings: Southaven County Park to the west and a 23-acre Town-owned open space property to the east. The western boundary of the property is approximately 1,650 feet from the Carmans River. Given its acreage, the property recharges an estimated 50,000 gallons of clean water on a daily basis, which equates to about 17,851,000 gallons annually, which in a short time frame discharges into the river.   Acquisition eliminates the possibility of discharging harmful pollutants into the river.  Senator LaValle is a member the New York State Senate's Environmental Conservation