Gail Reed-Barnett, Ed.D

May 13, 2015


Gail Reed-Barnett


Year: 2015

From an early age, Gail Reed-Barnett, Ed.D. and her siblings were instilled with the value of education by their parents, William and Lillian, who were actively involved in their children’s education. They knew that a good education was the only tool that would ensure their children’s place in society. Dr. Reed-Barnett earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Medgar Evers College, a Master of Science in Counseling and Development from Long Island University and a Doctorate of Education from Nova Southeastern University, with a concentration in Child, Youth and Family Studies. The love and dedication was not limited to empowering herself – she was also determined to share what her parents had taught her with young people in her community.

Dr. Reed-Barnett is currently a New York City School Counselor/College Advisor and serves as an Administrative Adjunct for Medgar Evers “College Now” Program. A product of the public education system, she is aware of the plight of our young people, the need for committed and dedicated educators and the importance of parental involvement in helping a child achieve maximum academic success.

Dr. Reed-Barnett believes that true power lies in knowing how our educational and judicial system works and making it “work for us, not against us.” This belief has been instrumental in driving her to become an active and visible participant in the Brooklyn community. She served as Secretary and Second Vice President to Alumni Association of Medgar Evers College, was President of the East 38th Street 2001 Block Association, and is current President of the Nova Southeastern University Alumni Association, Brooklyn Chapter. Dr. Reed-Barnett has presented information to families regarding the No Child Left Behind Act and the Common Core Standards. She is a voice for immigrants, airing their issues and concerns, and has collaborated with the New York City Council. She was recently elected to the position of Governor for the New York State School Counselor Association that services School Counselors in the New York City area, due to her unwavering allegiance to the empowerment of her community.

Dr. Gail Reed-Barnett is dedicated and committed to her mission to empower each member of her community – parents, young adults, senior citizens, and immigrants – with the knowledge needed to make wise, clear choices and decisions. She continues to work for and with the people of this great community to see this vision become a reality.