Grace Johnson

May 23, 2011


Grace Johnson


Year: 2011

Grace Johnson has distinguished herself in the food and beverage industry. As Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Crystal Manor, she has worked tirelessly to uphold the Manor’s reputation as a longstanding ­ ne dining and catering establishment based in the heart of Flatbush. The success of Crystal Manor is largely due to Ms. Johnson’s enterprising, hospitable and authoritative set of business skills.

In 1996, Ms. Johnson opened the Manor to provide Brooklyn and outer borough communities with an upscale venue to hold momentous and celebratory events including weddings, receptions, church functions, political conferences, proms, Sweet 16’s, and birthday parties. For the last 14 years, Ms. Johnson and her staff hosted more than 2000 well-received affairs.

Ms. Johnson’s work does not end at hospitality. In addition to the creation of Crystal Manor, she launched and managed the nursing agency, Johnson Home Care Services, Inc. which has employed more than 600 people. Her stately accomplishments hardly stop there. Ms. Johnson is also a real estate broker with more than 15 years of experience. Her portfolio of assets includes various real estate holdings throughout the Flatbush area of Brooklyn.

As a steadfast, attentive and dedicated entrepreneur, Ms. Johnson has been vital to the changing face of business in Brooklyn. Though her hectic schedule keeps her largely involved with her business ventures, Ms. Johnson still finds time to give back to her community. She has served on several boards, most notably, as Chairperson for the Flatbush YMCA. As a result, Ms. Johnson has received a plethora of community, business, entrepreneurial, influential and cultural awards and has been honored by various community groups as an outstanding business leader.

Ms. Johnson is an effective and compassionate woman who has made a real difference in the fabric of her community.