Senator Lee Zeldin Attends Military Family Appreciation Day

Lee M. Zeldin

July 29, 2013

Senator Lee Zeldin (R, C, I—Shirley) attended the first ever Military Family Appreciation Day at Heckscher State Park this past Sunday, July 28th. The event was organized by the Soldiers Project, a group that offers free, confidential counseling for military members and their families.

“Having spent time away from my own family while deployed, I know firsthand the importance of events like this one,” said Senator Zeldin. “The sacrifices that military families make in support of our troops are unparalleled and it was inspiring to spend the day with so many dedicated individuals.”

Senator Zeldin is pictured above with some of Long Island's great Blue Star Moms who each have sons currently serving our country on active duty.

From left to right: Nancy Kalman-Santos, Margie Van-Voorhis Miller, Susanne Skupin, and Sandy Seitz.