Legislative Wrap-Up March 3, 2010: Senate Bills Grow Agriculture Industry, Support Corrections Officers On Military Duty

March 03, 2010

The New York State Senate passed 11 bills today, including legislation which enhances the state’s agribusiness industry and supports our state’s corrections officers who are on leave for military service.
Strengthening New York’s Agribusiness

S6318 (Aubertine): Requires the state fire prevention and building code council to implement rules and regulations regarding the maple industry. The purpose of this bill is to require the state fire prevention and building code council to expand the definition of agricultural buildings to include maple production facilities and sugarhouses, and allow such entities to provide for public  access and assembly as an agritourism activity.
S6268 (Valesky): Repeals provisions of law relating to beekeeper and apiary surveys. This bill would repeal provisions enacted in 2007 that provided that beekeepers apply for a registration number and disclose the locations of their hives as well as allowing the Commissioner of the Department of Agriculture and Markets to make surveys apiary yards.
Supporting Corrections Officers Serving in the Armed Forces

S3815 (Adams): Authorizes forty days or thirty working days of military leave for state correction officers who are absent on military duty; such leave to be in addition to any leave authorized for such correction officers in their state contract. The purpose of this bill is to authorize an additional 10 days military leave for state correctional officers who are absent on military duty.
Other Important Legislation Passed Today

S4116 (Breslin): Relates to allowable investments and activities of employees of the department of insurance; allows the superintendent, any deputy or employee of the insurance department from owning shares of an investment company that may incidentally invest in securities issued to any licensee. This bill would permit employees of the Insurance Department to own shares of a mutual fund that may incidentally invest in the stock of a licensee of the Department. Ownership of shares in mutual funds that invest primarily or exclusively in the shares of licensees of the Insurance Department would be prohibited.
S3528A (Sampson): Establishes certain renunciations shall not necessarily constitute a qualified disclaimer for the purposes of the estate tax or the gift tax; allows a beneficiary of a disposition to renounce certain portions of his or her portion of an interest in joint property or tenancy by the entirety; allows a renouncing party to file a copy of a renunciation and affidavit in the office of the clerk of the court having jurisdiction; relates to who may make a renunciation.
S3625 (Dilan): Provides for the retention of motor vehicle records; allows for the destruction of certain records. This bill would provide the Commissioner of the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) with greater discretion and flexibility in establishing retention schedules for certain DMV records.
S6459 (Foley): Designates a certain portion of the state highway system which crosses over State Route 27 to be the "Cpl. Paulo Marko Pacificador Memorial Bridge".
S5857 (Stavisky): Increases the number of affirmative votes required to adopt, amend or repeal a rule. This bill would increase the minimum number of affirmative votes of New York State Insurance Fund ("NYSIF") commissioners required for a change in NYSIF rules from four to six.
S4844 (Aubertine): Requires the division of the budget and state agencies of the executive branch to identify and remedy impediments to their prompt processing and payment of bills; directs the director of the budget to develop a plan to address the problem of late payment, and submit such plan to the governor, the temporary president of the senate and the speaker of the assembly by October 1, 2011. The purpose of this bill is to reduce late payments of moneys owed to contractors by state agencies by requiring the Division of the Budget to produce an action plan with agency reduction targets, requiring that interest on past due bills be paid from the agency's administrative budget rather than program appropriations, and labeling invoices of small business in order to expedite their processing.
S5841A (Klein): Authorizes the office of general services to sell certain state-owned land to the Montefiore Medical Center. The purpose of this bill is to authorize the sale of state property located at 170 E. 210th Street in the Bronx, currently being utilized by the Office of Children and Family Services to operate a residential facility, to Montefiore Medical Center to be used to expand the Children's Hospital at Montefiore.
S5722 (Valesky): Excludes idling reduction devices from the calculation of the weight of certain vehicles, provided that such devices do not increase the vehicle weight by more than 400 pounds and such devices are fully functional. This legislation will enhance air quality and help to eliminate the idling of commercial motor vehicles.