A Celebration: 90 Years of Women Voting

This week, we celebrated the 90th anniversary of a great victory for

women and a radical and hard fought win for American democracy:

women’s suffrage -- the right to VOTE!


Sitting here in 2010, it’s hard to imagine a time in American history

during which women were not allowed to vote, especially as we watch

women run for all levels of elected office. But as we celebrate the

90th anniversary of American women’s right to vote, we, as men and

women, must ask ourselves if we are honoring the plight of so many who

came before us and fought for this most fundamental right. The sad

reality is that in areas around the world, women and men are still

denied the right to vote and to squander this right and responsibility

is not only an affront to them but also to those who fought so hard to

ensure we have these freedoms today.


Therefore, to celebrate the 90th anniversary of women’s suffrage

there’s clearly one thing to do: recommit yourselves to supporting the

democratic process -- vote and teach your children the lessons of our

history and the importance of civic participation.